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Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Improves Security Posture with Sprocket

Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance is on a mission to insure and protect futures in rural communities. The insurance industry works with highly sensitive data and customers trust it will be protected. Farmers Alliance… read more →

Ascendium Education Group Continuously Secures Their Evolving Technology with Sprocket

Ascendium is on a mission to make education and training beyond high school a reality for learners from low-income backgrounds. Handling highly sensitive financial data for students means high-quality continuous… read more →

Gordon Flesch Company Partners with Sprocket Using Continuous Penetration Testing

Gordon Flesch Company is committed to securing its customers' data. By partnering with Sprocket, Gordon Flesch Company is now utilizing Sprocket's Internal & External Continuous Penetration Testing. read more →

Citizens Bank Partners with Sprocket To Improve Security Continuously

Citizens Bank is committed to securing its customers' highly sensitive financial data. By partnering with Sprocket, Citizens Bank now stays highly aware of emerging threats that may affect its attack surface. By… read more →

Continuous Human & Automated Security

The Expert-Driven Offensive
Security Platform

Continuously monitor your attack surface with advanced change detection. Upon change, testers and systems perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all contained in a single security application, the Sprocket Platform.

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Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Adversary Simulations