About Sprocket

We help businesses improve security and reduce IT risk through Continuous Penetration Testing.

Human-driven testing

Machines are only as good as
the humans directing them.


Sprocket is building the future of cybersecurity with the perfect hybrid solution of human-driven testing supported by automation for businesses around the globe.


We secure businesses' digital futures through the constant availability of certified experts and tools to help secure IT assets when they become exposed.


Sprocket scales proved testing and validation methodologies across multiple businesses using human-driven continuous penetration testing.

Timeboxed Testing is not enough

Exploits are created in minutes
from vulnerability disclosure.

Businesses need Continuous Penetration Testing on their IT assets.

  • Proven more economical vs traditional testing & red teams over time.
  • Monitor DevOps, clouds & dissolving perimeters as they change.
  • Ensure testing on assets' unknown risks as threats evolve.

A Proven and Trusted Model

Continuous Penetration Testing

We combined machines and human testing to test your infrastructure with an open-door policy all year round. Sprocket serves SMB and enterprise companies to improve their security and reduce IT risk. Continuous Penetration Testing is the future of how security testing will be performed.

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Measured Success

How we help our customers.

Success is measured by findings remediated, not vulnerabilities discovered. And success is achieved time and time again!

Our customers are able to monitor the biggest risks to their assets all year round while also being provided the guidance to begin remediation efforts. Proven human-driven penetration testing is applied to the attack surface throughout the year.

Founder's Note

Secure companies most effectively using continuous penetration testing.

In 2015 an idea was formed to modify the penetration testers' processes with tooling that helps them test multiple technologies and environments at once. I called it Continuous Penetration Testing.

The plan was to help secure as many companies as possible by using the best way of doing so; penetration testing.

But the challenge was to make this process scalable to service many more businesses while instilling the human-driven aspects that make the penetration test so superior.

I hammered out scalable infrastructure and started building the technology that assisted the penetration tester to achieve more progress amongst multiple businesses at once. Singular focus on a business should only happen to the assets and infrastructure that make that business unique. All other tests against similar technologies should be tested at once and at scale.

If machines and automation can help, it was programmed to do so. Where humans excelled better in the process, it was championed.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Know your threats
when they emerge.

When your environment changes or new threats affect your attack surface, we perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all maintained within the powerful Sprocket Platform.

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Continuous Penetration Testing Subscription

  • Access to the Sprocket Platform
  • Dedicated penetration testing teams
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging threats
  • Collaborate during discovery & remediation
  • Range of expertise testing abilities