Adversary Simulations

Emulate skilled opponents using bleeding edge techniques across complex attack paths with purple teaming, scenario driven, & MITRE ATT&CK.

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Attack Narratives

Explore Attack Vectors & Validate Security Controls

Expert penetration testers attempt bleeding-edge and methodical techniques to gain access to your network. Your security teams will be able to examine these paths and validate security controls with Sprocket's expected vs actual result logger.


Map Techniques to Controls and Visualize Security Posture.

Expert penetration testers' attacker teqniques are logged in associated with success and failures across your security controls. Identify weaknesses affecting your defensive measures.

Use Cases

Emulate real-world attacks to strengthen security against bleeding-edge threats.

Red Teaming

Simulate attacks from real-world threat actors to discover if they pose a threat to your organization. This proactive security approach has been known to prevent breaches.

Purple Teaming

Collaborate with expert penetration testers during control testing and remediation practices. Access unlimited retests and speedy responses from our expert testing team.

Scenario Driven

Designed simulations are applied to mimic real-world threats happening at any moment to identify vulnerabilities when the threat is real instead of after a potential breach.


Remain compliant and strengthen incident response with a clear and current view of threats affecting your organization's network.

Threat Intelligence Testing

Remain two steps ahead of your adversaries with gathered threat information affecting the assets in your network. Improve situational awareness and risk management decisions.

Control Tuning

Detect weak spots in your defensive posture. Tune in your security controls based on techniques posing the greatest threat to your organization.

Continuous Human & Automated Security

The Expert-Driven Offensive
Security Platform

Continuously monitor your attack surface with advanced change detection. Upon change, testers and systems perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all contained in a single security application, the Sprocket Platform.

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Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Adversary Simulations