Attack Surface Management

Reveal the hackers' perspective of your organization's environment. Stay informed when your assets change or new threats are discovered.

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Stay notified as your attack surface changes and new threats emerge.

Take a guided tour through the Sprocket Platform and get a glimpse of how automated OSINT, footprinting, and enumeration could help you uncover exposures that could be contributing you’re your organization’s risk. Finally, see how you can transition from discovery with ASM to full attack path validation with Continuous Penetration Testing. →

Dynamic Asset Visibility

Hosts & Services

Track and monitor exposed hosts and services across your perimeter, revealing gaps in your defenses that could be targeted by attackers.

Monitor Configurations

Domains & DNS Records

Audit your domains, subdomains and DNS infrastructure to reveal misconfigured or stale records that could make you vulnerable to common attacks like subdomain take overs.

Monitor New Releases

Websites & URLs

Identify the seen and unseen of your web presence including your primary web assets as well as development, staging and vanity sites that may be missed by your regular scans.

Authentication Risks

Emails & Usernames

Never forget that your users and their mailboxes are part of your attack surface. Gain visibility into who within your organization can be identified and targeted by attackers.

Use Cases

Having deep visibility into your assets strengthens your security posture.

Discover Shadow IT

By their very nature, shadow and rogue IT assets are unauthorized and therefore lack appropriate security controls. Uncover these hidden exposures to minimize your exploitable IT footprint.

Fill in the gaps left by Vulnerability Scanners

CVEs are not your only weaknesses. Identify how domain, subdomain, DNS, and other infrastructure weaknesses could be exposing valid attack paths to your organization.

Change Detection

Stay ahead of evolving threats with real-time change detection. Monitor for alterations in your digital footprint, empowering you to respond swiftly to potential security risks.

Reduce Time to Detection of 0-day’s

Gain visability into the full scope of your IT environment so that you know precisely where and how you are exposed when new 0-day vulnerabilities are announced.

Monitor Cloud Presence

Gain comprehensive visibility into your cloud presence. Monitor and track your cloud infrastructure, ensuring security measures and compliance across your IT assets.

Reducing Technology Sprawl

Simplify and consolidate your technology landscape. By identifying and managing sprawl, you'll improve infrastructure for enhanced security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Synchronize Offensive Security

Pairing Attack Surface Management with Continuous Penetration Testing

The expert testing team at Sprocket uses our proprietary attack surface management tool for penetration testing. Gain that same hacker's perspective of your organization's environment. While attack surface management identifies potential entry points, continuous penetration testing will verify your defenses.

Managing Attack Surfaces with Offensive Security →

Attack Surface Management

Reveal the hackers' perspective of your organization's environment.

Continuously monitor your attack surface to empower defensive teams. Remain informed as your assets change or new assets are discovered.

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Categorize, Filter, & Manage Your Attack Surface

  • Domains & DNS Records
  • IP Addresses & Services
  • Websites & URLs
  • Emails & Usernames