The manufacturing industry is under attack

Cybersecurity solutions for manufacturing organizations

Attackers can halt your production and revenue. Outdated software
and hardware can hold your organization's digital innovation back.

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What we're seeing

Manufacturing organizations are in need of continuous offensive cybersecurity.

Updating Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

ICS components are notoriously difficult to update. If a vulnerability is found on ICS, remediation could take months if not longer. This has left the entire industry largely dependent on isolation, segmentation, and network access controls which are often misconfigured.

Adding New Technologies

When your organization is ready or already has made large pivots to more modern software suites: configurations can be a daunting task, especially security controls. To remain secure your organization should test during implementation and continuously as technologies change quickly

Safety & Compliance Requirements

Remaining compliant is essential for your business function when it comes to the supply chain and the data you house on your systems. Securing systems is essential for the safety of your employees and your customers.

What's at risk

Avoid plant disruptions and ransomware attacks.

Attackers historically will target industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. These attacks don't always occur through internet channels; adversaries may use physical devices like flash drives to breach systems. The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems has further expanded the attack surface, making manufacturers more vulnerable than ever. Attackers tend to use ransomware in manufacturing attacks, which can cause major plant disruptions.

Using Sprocket's Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform: you can use the information we provide from year-round testing on your attack surface to implement remediations and preventive controls, like installing endpoint detection and response (EDR) agents in ICS or SCADA equipment.

How to remain confident and secure

When did you have your last
cybersecurity risk assesment?

Despite the potential risks, some companies may feel confident in their cybersecurity preparedness. However, without utilizing continuous penetration testing, attack surface management, and relevant adversary simulations: organizations are left underprepared for when an attack eventually occurs.

To mitigate these risks, experts recommend that manufacturing organizations invest in holistic cybersecurity management programs that encompass both IT and OT systems.

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Continuous Human & Automated Security

The Expert-Driven Offensive
Security Platform

Continuously monitor your attack surface with advanced change detection. Upon change, testers and systems perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all contained in a single security application, the Sprocket Platform.

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Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Adversary Simulations