Why Continuous Penetration Testing

New threats emerge quickly

A security expert is routinely testing your infrastructure to determine if the latest threat could result in a breach.

  • Find risk where vulnerability scanners fail.
  • Test the latest phishing tactics.
  • Mimic different styles of real world threats.

IT changes trigger testing

Manual security testing is started when our monitoring infrastructure identifies change.

  • We monitor your IPs, services, URLs, DNS, and web technologies.
  • Event triggered solutions for your DevOps workflow.
  • Simply adding a new user to your company could result in a breach.

Reduce exposure times

Our experts are an extension to your team helping you prevent real-world risks.

  • Findings reported to you when discovered, not a year later.
  • You can plan your mitigation work more effectively.
  • All findings can be bundled into a year-to-date report. Great for compliance and audits.

Pricing is easy


Provide your email and company domains.

Give me a quote!


We determine your assets and technologies used and provide a quote.


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Stop testing once a year

Machines monitor


Whether dynamic or static, change is detected and the difference is alerted to a penetration tester. Humans determine if testing is warranted and apply relevant testing methods.

IP addresses and services

IPs and their changes are determined through DNS records, public records, or collaborative sharing with your team. Regular port scanning discovers new services triggering machine and human involvement.

DNS records and meta data

Continuous brute-forcing, Internet scraping, webcrawling, and code analysis detects changes.

Users and technologies

Email addresses, login information, data dumps, and more. This information is paired with human-driven tests such as phishing.

Humans test

Web apps, endpoints, infrastructure

We manually test all your assets, picking up where traditional scanners and tools fail. The longer we provide service, the deeper the testing goes.

Users and credentials

Having an always up to date user list allows us to always check for weak credentials against complex authentication mechanisms.

Social engineering

Humans are a risk. Phishing, pre-text calling, and physical security tests measure and validate protections.

Custom services

As your security matures, your requirement in services will change. We allow you to customize your services easily. Checkout our services  

Learn how continuous penetration testing works

When your environment changes, or when new threats emerge, we perform security testing. There is a lot more value from this modern approach to testing.