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Your Attack Surface Needs
Continuous Penetration Testing.

Reduce exposure time. Help prevent breaches. Use proven human-driven testing methodologies against your attack surface.

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Why continuous penetration testing

Your attack surface and threat landscape are changing daily.

New threats emerge quickly

Both manual and automated testing on your infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities all year round.

  • See beyond vulnerability scanners.
  • Advanced social engineering campaigns.
  • Mimic real-world attackers.

Attack surface monitoring

Sprocket manages the discovery, monitoring, and testing of your assets.

  • Monitoring IPs, URLs, DNS, services, and more.
  • Discover unknown risks.
  • Penetration testers automatically engage.

Reduce exposure times

Continuous penetration testing identifies unknown risks.

  • Findings reported as they are discovered.
  • Manage multiple companies, teams, and assets.
  • Generate reports on-demand.

Pricing made easy

Test your attack surface with competitive monthly pricing.

Continuous penetration testing empowers teams all year long to make the right decisions in remediation and managing their attack surface.

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  1. Provide Company Email
    Your company domain will be a starting point for discovering attack surface scope.
  2. We Scan Your External Assets
    We determine your assets and technologies used and provide a quote.
  3. Partner with us
    We work together to help secure your business and assist your team.

How attack surface is monitored

Remain informed of emerging threats.

Machine Monitoring


Dynamic or static changes are alerted to our testers. Human-driventesting methods are engaged if applicable.

IP addresses & services

Port scanning across IPs, DNS records & public records discovers new services triggering machine and human involvement.

DNS records and metadata

Continuous brute-forcing, Internet scraping, web crawling, and code analysis detects changes and alerts testers accordingly.

Users & technologies

Email addresses, login information, data dumps, and more. This information is paired with human-driven tests such as phishing.

Human Testing

Apps, endpoints & infrastructure

We manually test all your assets, exposing risk scanners miss. The longer we provide service, the deeper the testing goes.

Users and credentials

Having an up-to-date user list allows us to always check for weak credentials against complex authentication mechanisms.

Social engineering

Humans are a risk. Phishing, pretext calling, and physical security tests measure and validate protections.

Custom services

As your security matures, your requirement in services will change. We allow you to customize your services easily.

Protect your company with Sprocket

Know your threats
when they emerge.

When your environment changes, or new threats affect your attack surface, we perform security testing. There is a lot more value from this modern approach to testing.

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Continuous Penetration Testing Subscription

  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Advanced Social Engineering
  • Red Teaming