Know your risks all year

Continuous Penetration Testing

Remove the artificial time constraints on security tests. Attackers don't stop, and your business changes throughout the year. We use a blend of attack surface management and humans to detect change and perform testing.

Stop wasting your budget

CPT offers real protection in an ever-changing security landscape.

Work closely with penetration testers

Access to our platform is like shoulder surfing a live test as we conduct proven methodologies. Expert advice on mitigation strategies decreases time your IT staff spends managing risk.

Testing evolves

Continuous penetration testing will include many different services and adapts as your security posture matures. This includes red teaming, purple teaming, adversarial simulations, security awareness, and more.

Sprocket is built for continuous

Our tools and methodologies are built for continuous testing, allowing us to offer competitive pricing for our partners.

Go beyond attack surface management

Getting started in four easy steps.

Sprocket will conduct initial tests, discover and monitor your infrastructure, implement automation, perform human-driven testing and provide quality results that go beyond vulnerability scanners and automation products.

  1. Initial Pentest
    In the first 90 days initial testing is conducted. This concentrated effort provides an understanding of current security posture and alerts of you any immediate risks.
  2. Begin Attack Surface Monitoring
    Data from the initial pentesting seeds our attack surface monitoring infrastructure. We add domain names, IPs, ports, DNS records, usernames, etc. After a short baseline period, pentesters start receiving alerts on change and test accordingly.
  3. Continuous Testing
    Sprocket Security stays informed on the latest offensive tactics and tests them against your systems. Throughout the year, humans will actively perform phishing tests, validate if you are vulnerable to the latest exploits, malware, ransomware, and real world threats.
  4. Electives
    You will be able to choose elective services to align with your needs. The first year will include an internal penetration test. Continuous penetration testing is a maturity model that allows you to swap in and out different services and tests. The service grows with you and continues to provide value.

What's included

Human testing driven by automation.

You can count on your infrastructure to be tested against the latest threats by penetration testers all-year-round for one competitive monthly price.

External Penetration Test

Your perimeter might be weaker than you think. Vulnerability scans don't cut it. Skilled humans perform quality pentests, and we won't disappoint.

Internal Penetration Test

Breaching the perimeter is easy. This test mimics malicious behavior on your internal network and identifies critical gaps in your configurations.

Social Engineering

"Hi, this is IT support. Can you go to start, run, type powershell.exe and press enter?". Yep - humans are a risk. We mimic the latest techniques used in the wild.

Web Application Testing

Almost everything is performed in a web browser nowadays. Do not overlook a comprehensive test of your web apps.

Red Teaming

Ok, you've hardened your perimeter and you have logging and alerting working. Can really stand up to a determined attacker at all costs?!

Adversary Simulations

Assume breached! Can you detect and prevent the actions of an attacker? Let's work together to find out.

Security Awareness

Dramatically reduce the affects of phishing and social engineering attacks by educating your employees.

Mobile Application Testing

You need to secure the app and the API it uses. We test all major platforms except any windows phone...gross.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Know your threats
when they emerge.

When your environment changes or new threats affect your attack surface, we perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all maintained within the powerful Sprocket Platform.

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Continuous Penetration Testing Subscription

  • Access to the Sprocket Platform
  • Dedicated penetration testing teams
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging threats
  • Collaborate during discovery & remediation
  • Range of expertise testing abilities