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Attackers know SaaS companies are moving fast. Rapid growth
your attack surface and potential threats.

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What we're seeing

Software deployment cycles should include continuous security testing.

Increased vulnerabilities within software

There's a growing demand for online products as people increasingly seek the convenience of accessing various offerings remotely. The rapid expansion in this digital landscape enables products to be accessed from virtually any corner of the globe, increasing your attack surface.

Application growth is happening fast

Rapid and efficient scaling is crucial for growing businesses. Yet, this accelerated growth introduces heightened risk to DevOps processes, making the integration of continuous security measures a fundamental part of their operations to protect their business.

Compliance requirements

Maintaining both SOC and GDPR compliance is vital for companies to uphold seamless business operations. Customers seek assurance that their personal information is safeguarded, emphasizing the importance of ensuring comprehensive coverage within data protection.

What's at risk

Untested code risks security breaches affecting your business.

Attackers often focus their efforts on exploiting vulnerabilities within cloud-based SaaS infrastructures. Elements like APIs, authorization, and low-code automation workflows can inadvertently introduce unknown vulnerabilities, potentially leading to substantial adverse consequences.

Without ongoing security testing of your database and attack surface, these environments remain vulnerable to exploitable weaknesses, creating an entry point for attackers.

Using Sprocket's Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform, you can integrate security testing into your software development process continuously. Initial security testing will satisify compliance and avoid wasting resources on potential breaches.

How to remain confident and secure

Stay informed on the health of your web apps and infastructure.

Have you defined your attack surface? Attackers are indiscriminate; their goal is to exploit any access point available and you need to stay aware.

To remain one step ahead, organizations must prioritize offensive cybersecurity efforts to detect vulnerabilities before it's too late. This is essential to protect your customers, software, and organization. Utilizing continuous penetration testing, attack surface management, and adversary simulations can help organizations be prepared for when an attack eventually occurs.

Continuous Human & Automated Security

The Expert-Driven Offensive
Security Platform

Continuously monitor your attack surface with advanced change detection. Upon change, testers and systems perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all contained in a single security application, the Sprocket Platform.

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Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Adversary Simulations