Alexander Hammond, Senior Security Architect at Ascendium, shares his experience utilizing Continuous Penetration Testing with Sprocket Security to help better secure his organization's rapidly evolving technology landscape.

"Being an organization that is continuously evolving our infrastructure, but also being in a role of cybersecurity, where threats and that landscape changes on a day-to-day basis: Continuous Penetration Testing services are critical."
—Alexander Hammond, Senior Security Architect, of Ascendium Education Group

Alex goes on to share his experiences from identification to remediation with the Sprocket team:

"We'd work back and forth with Sprocket as they uncovered findings. We didn't wait for a report. There would be a finding immediately upon discovery. [...] We'd work with the Sprocket team on identifying what the proper mitigation strategy is. [...] And then flag that finding as ready for retesting. We had Sprocket right there to test within an hour."
—Alexander Hammond, Senior Security Architect, of Ascendium Education Group

Ascendium Education Group works with Sprocket Security for Continuous Penetration Testing to continuously monitor and test against their attack surface.

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