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Cybersecurity solutions for insurance organizations

A majority of individuals possess some type of insurance coverage, making
this industry stand out as a primary target for cybercriminals.

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What we're seeing

Insurance organizations are in need of continuous offensive cybersecurity.

Access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The insurance industry's broad scope and the necessity for personalized policies result in customers providing PII, financial records, and even health data for approval. This plethora of data creates a larger attack surface for attackers to breach.

Living in a digital world

As people need to manage their insurance policies 24/7, it emphasizes the importance of implementing strong cybersecurity measures. The more apps and portals, the larger the attack surface. The use of third-party technology providers opens further doors to attackers.

Safety & Compliance Requirments

Remaining compliant is essential for your business function when it comes to the data you house on your systems. Securing systems is essential for the safety of your customers and the longevity or your company.

What's at risk

Protect your money, time,
and customers.

A breach within the insurance sector carries a range of complex consequences. Beyond the immediate loss of sensitive data, the repercussions reverberate across various aspects of business operations. For instance, companies often face the fallout of losing clientele and struggle to build new ones after a major breach. Considerable time and effort will be needed to re-establish trust and rebuild relationships. Furthermore, the impact on reputation cannot be overstated. Negative publicity resulting from such breaches directly correlates to substantial revenue loss.

Using Sprocket's Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform: you can use the information we provide from year-round testing on your attack surface to implement remediations and preventive controls.

How to remain confident and secure

How prepared is your organization
for a cybersecurity attack?

Given the sensitive nature of information managed within the insurance industry, providing comprehensive cyber training to employees becomes paramount. Social engineering tactics stand out as a primary threat, where attackers exploit employees to obtain unauthorized access. The insurance sector must place a high priority on implementing robust cybersecurity measures. Doing so ensures the protection of a wide spectrum of sensitive data and, crucially, upholds the trust of their clientele.

Although some companies might express confidence in their cybersecurity readiness, relying solely on this confidence can be misleading. Experts agree a healthy blend of continuous penetration testing, attack surface management, and relevant adversary simulations empowers organizations to be more prepared for an eventual cyber assault.

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Continuous Human & Automated Security

The Expert-Driven Offensive
Security Platform

Continuously monitor your attack surface with advanced change detection. Upon change, testers and systems perform security testing. You are alerted and assisted in remediation efforts all contained in a single security application, the Sprocket Platform.

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Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform

  • Attack Surface Management
  • Continuous Penetration Testing
  • Adversary Simulations