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Continuous Pen Testing vs. Bug Bounties: A Comprehensive Comparison

Learn the ins-and-outs about both approaches before choosing how you’ll test your network security.

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Whats the difference?

What you'll find in this study.

If you’ve thought about using a bug-bounty program to test your organization’s network, hit pause and read this first.

In this analysis, we break down six key areas and put bug-bounty programs side-by-side with continuous penetration testing. You’ll get a comprehensive look at how each stack up in terms of compensation, approach, expertise, service, breadth and depth of offerings, and pricing.

For executives in search of an easy-to-read comparison of the two approaches, this piece has what you’re looking for.

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Continuous Penetration Testing Subscription

  • Pentests
  • Web App Testing
  • Red Teaming
  • Social Engineering
  • Adversary Simulations