Timeboxed Security Services

Traditional point-in-time services

Services tailored for you

Sometimes you just need a single test to fit your agenda. We get it. We offer all of our services ad hoc.

Experience matters

People perform security tests, not tools, scanners, or (eye roll) machine learning. Our consultants have the best industry respected credentials and experience.

Helping you achieve your objective

Security testing can have many objectives. We can help you determine your resilience against perimeter attacks, test your security controls, measure impact from phishing, or improve you operations through threat hunting. We'll help by providing our expertise from years of industry knowledge.

Services we provide

  Included with continuous penetration testing

External Penetration Test   

Your perimeter might be weaker than you think. Vulnerability scans don't cut it. Skilled humans perform quality pentests, and we won't disappoint.

Internal Penetration Test   

Breaching the perimeter is easy. This test mimics malicious behavior on your internal network and identifies critical gaps in your configurations.

Social Engineering   

"Hi, this is IT support. Can you go to start, run, type powershell.exe and press enter?". Yep - humans are a risk. Start measuring your security awareness program through regular testing.

Web Application Testing

Almost everything is performed in a web browser nowadays. Do not overlook a comprehensive test of your web apps.

Red Teaming

Ok, you've hardened your perimeter and you have logging and alerting working. Can really stand up to a determined attacker at all costs?!

Adversary Simulations

Assume breached! Can you detect and prevent the actions of an attacker? Let's work together to find out.

Security Awareness

Dramatically reduce the affects of phishing and social engineering attacks by educating your employees.

Mobile Application Testing

You need to secure the app and the API it uses. We test all major platforms except any windows phone. That thing is a piece of shit.

Physical Security

The easiest way to compromise a company is by following an employee in after their smoke break. Could this happen to you?

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