Continuous Penetration Testing

What is Continuous Penetration Testing

A better approach

Continuous penetration testing removes the artificial time constraints on security tests. Attackers don't stop, and your business changes throughout the year. Assessing security once year is a failed approach. We use a blend of machine automation and humans to detect change and perform testing.

A partnership

Most firms will test, provide a report, and be done. Not us, we work side-by-side with your team all year. We get to know your IT staff, management team, and business goals. This allows us to accurately provide mitigation strategies and decrease the time spent on managing risk. We augment your IT staff by providing industry expertise on latest security trends and offensive techniques.

A maturity model

Continuous penetration testing will include many different services and adapts as your security posture matures. This includes red teaming, purple teaming, adversarial simulations, security awareness, tabletop exercises, and more.

Built for continuous

Our tools and methodologies are purpose built for continuous testing, allowing us to offer affordable services.

How Continuous Penetration Testing Works

In the first 90 days an initial pentest is conducted. This concentrated effort provides an understanding of current security posture and provides you value up front.

Data from the initial pentest seeds our monitoring infrastructure. We add domain names, IPs, ports, DNS records, usernames, etc. After a short baseline period, pentesters start receiving alerts on change and test accordingly.

Sprocket Security stays informed on the latest offensive tactics and tests them against your systems. Throughout the year, humans will actively perform phishing tests, validate if you are vulnerable to the latest exploits, malware, ransomware, and real world threats.

You will be able to choose elective services to align with your needs. The first year will include an internal penetration test. Continuous penetration testing is a maturity model that allows you to swap in and out different services and tests. The service grows with you and continues to provide value. See our full list of services  

Services we provide

  Included with continuous penetration testing

External Penetration Test   

Your perimeter might be weaker than you think. Vulnerability scans don't cut it. Skilled humans perform quality pentests, and we won't disappoint.

Internal Penetration Test   

Breaching the perimeter is easy. This test mimics malicious behavior on your internal network and identifies critical gaps in your configurations.

Social Engineering   

"Hi, this is IT support. Can you go to start, run, type powershell.exe and press enter?". Yep - humans are a risk. Start measuring your security awareness program through regular testing.

Web Application Testing

Almost everything is performed in a web browser nowadays. Do not overlook a comprehensive test of your web apps.

Red Teaming

Ok, you've hardened your perimeter and you have logging and alerting working. Can really stand up to a determined attacker at all costs?!

Adversary Simulations

Assume breached! Can you detect and prevent the actions of an attacker? Let's work together to find out.

Security Awareness

Dramatically reduce the affects of phishing and social engineering attacks by educating your employees.

Mobile Application Testing

You need to secure the app and the API it uses. We test all major platforms except any windows phone. That thing is a piece of shit.

Physical Security

The easiest way to compromise a company is by following an employee in after their smoke break. Could this happen to you?

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