Network security tests are important year-round

It can be a costly mistake to only complete a network security test just once a year. You are leaving your IT assets open to risk every day throughout the year if you are only completing these tests once a year.

Do you actually know what is lurking on your attack surface? Organizations are making thousands of updates to their networks each year, from domain name system (DNS) record changes to an array of web applications they use.

Every time your organization makes a change, it can leave your network vulnerable to a smorgasbord of new cyber attacks. One test a year won't sniff that out.

Continuous Penetration Testing: A better solution to network security tests

Millions of dollars and your organization's reputation are at risk. The only way to valuably protect your network throughout the year is to utilize year-round protection. And the good news is: it's far lest costly! You don't have to spend an insane amount to keep your network safe and sound. Continuous penetration testing is cost effective and far more effective than traditional time-box testing.


We've create an infographic to help you understand the risks of time-box testing vs the great rewards of continuous penetration testing.

Would you like to take a closer look at how continuous penetration testing can protect your business year-round?

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