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Continuous Penetration Testing

Based in Madison, WI, we provide penetration testing services locally and nationwide.

Year-round penetration testing with automation and expert testers

  • Attack Surface Management
Sprocket will work with your team to scope your assets and conduct initial reconnaissance. Ongoing change detection monitors and reveals shadow IT.

  • Continuous Penetration Testing
After your first penetration test occurs: your assets are then continuously monitored and tested against by expert penetration testers as new threats emerge and change occurs.

  • Adversary Simulations
Explore the routes attackers take exposing weaknesses across your security infrastructure. Work with penetration testers during your identification and remediation processes.

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Our Platform Features

Designed to help with your remediation and risk management strategies.

Advanced Reporting

Observe remediation velocity, finding distributions, aging findings, and more.

Filter Findings

Address the findings that matter most by filtering via state, severity, and projects.

Birds-Eye View of Findings

Better visualize a finding's progress, details, and team collaborative efforts.

Filter Attack Narratives

Browse active vs. completed attacks. Filter and explore the paths testers are taking.