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Sprocket Kicked Off Webinar Series With Halloween Hack-O-Lantern on October 31st

Join us for a Halloween themed Authentication webinar, hosted by Nicholas Anastasi on 10/31/23.

Watch the webinar here.

Held on Tuesday, October 31.

Uncover the eerie secrets of authentication in our upcoming Webinar, "Halloween Hack-O-Lantern: Spooky Tales from the Dark Side of Authentication." Join us as we explore authentication bypass, from ghostly vishing calls to monstrous CAP bypasses. Don't miss this webinar to learn how to protect your digital fortress from the most cunning hackers.

About Nicholas Anastasi

Nicholas Anastasi started his career in cybersecurity at Sprocket and hasn't looked back. Continuous Penetration Testing is all he knows and during his day to day he leads the penetration testing team, writes a ton of Python and works tirelessly to improve the CPT process. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys running, eating too much candy and developing on his homelab. Nicholas and the rest of the team are dedicated to making sure our clients continuously maintain a strong security posture. If you are interested in talking with Nicholas about our services, reach out today!

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