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Webinar: Web Application Attacks & Attack Surface Management

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Webinar: Surfacing The Invisible: Web Application Attacks And Attack Surface Management

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Thursday, January 11, 1 pm CST.

Join us for an insightful webinar as Will merges the worlds of web application penetration testing and Attack Surface Management (ASM) data. Using examples from real life penetration tests, he will demonstrate some of the ways web app vulnerabilities can be exploited using information from ASM data, often from overlooked or underestimated sources. Will will also discuss some of the methodologies the service delivery team uses to leverage ASM data on web application assessments to drive impact.

About Will Vandevanter

With 14 years of experience in the realm of penetration testing, Willis Vandevanter has honed a particular focus in web application security marked by a series of open source tools, conference talks, and published advisories. Although new to the field of Continuous Penetration Testing, Will is passionately exploring how to leverage scalability with innovative methodologies and strategic approaches. A lover of the outdoors, Will finds joy in running, surfing, and fitness. Just as in professional life, Will approaches these hobbies with enthusiasm and a perpetual learner’s mindset, embodying the belief of always being a student, never a master.

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