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Sprocket Introduces Attack Surface Management Product

Reveal the hackers' perspective of your organization's environment. Stay informed when your assets change or new threats are discovered.

Sprocket Security is thrilled to announce that our Attack Surface Management is now available! With the new product, you will now be able to obtain deep visibility into assets across your attack surface. This is the best way to stay informed when your changes occur, shadow IT is discovered or during unplanned exposures.

Categorize, filter, and manage your attack surface.

Keep a bird's-eye view of the IT assets owned by your organization and see when configurations change. Through Sprocket's advanced change detection and reconnaissance tools, you'll be able to stay informed.

  • Domains & DNS Records
  • IP Addresses & Services
  • Websites & URLs
  • Emails & Usernames

Deep visibility & change detection powers continuous penetration testing.

Gain a clear picture of your assets and how they are changing but also rest assured, as changes happen: penetration testing occurs.

  • Works hand-in-hand with Sprocket's Continuous Penetration Testing.
  • ASM provides deep visibility into your organization's assets and IT changes.
  • Your teams can remain aware of new assets that are discovered or configurations change resulting in potential risks.

Interested in learning more about Sprocket's Attack Surface Management?

See the details of the offering and demo your own organization's attack surface with a Sprocket representative today.

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