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Sprocket Introduces MITRE ATT&CK Heat Map in the Platform

Learn how your organization performs against adversary tactics and techniques with Sprocket’s new MITRE ATT&CK heat map.

Sprocket Security introduces MITRE ATT&CK heat map visualizations in its Continuous Penetration Testing solution. This new feature assigns MITRE ATT&CK IDs to all findings and attack narratives within the platform, helping organizations prioritize resources to effectively combat real-world threats.

Organizations can now see a birds-eye view of their testing strengths and weaknesses against real-world threat actors and receive recommendations from expert testers. In fact, the Sprocket team provides its clients with a detailed plan based on organization's assets and industry needs.

Benefits of Sprocket's MITRE ATT&CK Heat Map

  • Gain Visibility: Gain on-demand insight into the comprehensive range of techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) covered by Sprocket’s Continuous Penetration Testing solution.
  • Report your Strengths: Provide clear metrics to your organization regarding where your defenses are strongest and the attacker techniques you have effectively detected or prevented. Share this information with your teams, stakeholders, and auditors for comprehensive security assurance.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Make well-informed decisions about the effectiveness of your security controls by assessing their real-world impact on your organization in the face of evolving threats.
  • Prioritize your Defenses: Identify where countermeasures will reduce your organization's risk the most, resulting in a more significant ROI from your people, processes, and technologies.

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