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Sprocket App for Jira Cloud Now Available in Atlassian Marketplace

Continuous security insights and fixes are now available using Jira connected to Sprocket's Expert-Driven Offensive Security Platform.

Sprocket App for Jira Cloud allows Sprocket users to two-way synchronize their findings/tasks across the Sprocket Platform and Jira. This feature allows your organization to apply its own Jira mapping to the findings provided by Sprocket Security. Users will now be able to comment, close, and change findings' statuses across platforms.

The integration can be setup in just a few minutes.

Simplify your Remediation Workflows Across Blue & Red Teams

Users will now gain access to important features for organizations reliant on Jira for their internal risk management.

  • All new findings will automatically be synced to Jira, unless this setting is turned off. Previous findings can be synced after the integration is set up.
  • Findings can be put on different Jira boards depending on the project type. This allows findings to be shown to the members who are working on that project.
  • Two-way comment syncing from the Platform to Jira or Jira to the Platform.

Take a Demo of the Sprocket App for Jira Cloud

Learn just how easy it is to connect Jira with the Sprocket Platform and add improved workflows for your security teams instantly. Watch the demo.

Watch the Jira Cloud Integration Demo

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