Career Opportunity

Software Engineer

Engineering Madison, WI


Company Mission - Our mission is to help secure as many companies as possible, by using the best way of doing so, penetration testing. Sprocket Security prioritizes offensive security for enterprises, empowering them to build robust defense strategies based on individual business risk.

How - At Sprocket Security, we've built an expert-driven Continuous Penetration Testing platform that blends cutting-edge automated and manual testing methods.

Your Mission – As a Software Engineer at Sprocket Security, you will build disruptive software and infrastructure in the cybersecurity industry. You will use your development skills to help solve challenges that no-one has ever solved before. You will be part of a passionate team that values innovation and creativity. You will help us develop the tools and methods to protect businesses from cybersecurity threats.


  • Architect and engineer solutions to challenging problems that have never been solved before.
  • Innovate and develop upon existing applications. Most are written in Ruby, supporting applications use languages such as Python, Go, JS, TS, etc.
  • Develop and manage pipelines and tests
  • Engineer solutions to complex networking, application, and business logic challenges at scale using cloud services
  • Develop the front-end and back-end to our customer portal and proprietary scanning engines
  • Learn new technology or languages and participate in research & development
  • Perform greenfield design and development. Determine the best technology to use to meet business goals
  • Make an impact on the world by helping companies become resilient to cyber threats


  • 3-5 years web software engineering experience, primarily in Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with the MVC software design pattern is desired.
  • Ability to work productively in a remote team setting and in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiarity with cloud technologies and Infrastructure-as-Code, especially Terraform and Ansible
  • Experience building and maintaining DevOps pipelines in GitLab, Docker containers, orchestration frameworks, and databases
  • Experience building RESTful and GraphQL APIs
  • Familiarity with AWS and scalable infrastructure
  • Experience in TypeScript, Python, Bash, managing big data, analytics, and scalable architectures
  • Cybersecurity and networking knowledge
  • Proficient in front-end technologies and frameworks
  • Enjoys the innovation, thrills, and speed of a growing startup
  • Strong understanding of networking protocols and Linux systems
  • Desire to lead junior developers and work with leadership on business initiatives
  • Values openness and honesty over being right


  • Unlimited and mandatory PTO for healthy work/life balance
  • Company matched 401k (immediate eligibility, no one should have to wait to start saving)
  • 50% company contribution for health insurance for employees and family plans
  • 100% company contribution for dental and vision
  • Work remotely and whatever schedule works best for you. We care about results, not 9-5.
  • Hardware and tools of your choice
  • Support for your career development with paid training, conferences, certifications, etc.